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Next level web design

Traditionally, web design would involve the marriage of aesthetics and functionality, but at Why Digital Media, we’ve taken things to the next level with the introduction of a third element - psychology. Using custom research techniques we construct detailed psychological profiles of your target audience. This insight is then used to load your website with key emotional triggers which, as well as making your website more attractive, will actively help to bring bounce rates down and push conversion rates up.

The power of personality
Connecting your brand with emotion

Personality is one of the single most important factors in developing and maintaining long term relationships.

Through a refined discovery process we can unearth your brand values to create web design that accurately reflects the beliefs, attitudes and values of your business to convert browsers into loyal customers.

Our creative and design process hinges on ensuring that your brand connects with the emotions of your target audience. Through profiling analysis we gather a complete understanding of their emotional drivers so we can consistently communicate your brand personality in the most exciting and engaging way.

User Experience (UX)
Ensuring you are remembered for all the right reasons

We all use our experiences, whether good or bad, to shape our behaviour for the rest of our lives. As Mark Twain once noted, a cat won’t sit on a hot stove twice.

With the rise of social media, neglecting user experience is a mistake you can ill afford to make. By guiding visitors through your website in the most simple, logical and enjoyable way, we can ensure more visitors arrive at the desired destination - whether that's a sale, an enquiry, book, sign-up etc.

Analytics And User Patterns
Giving your audience what they want

Knowing your audience is paramount to the success of your website. Attracting a customer to a site that is not designed with them in mind can be like trying to catch a fish with a spoon.

We use analytics to help us gain a better understanding of your visitors – to find out where they’re coming from, what they’re attracted to and why some of them leave without converting. We then use this information to directly influence the design and build of your website, making your customers feel like it was made especially for them. This process is ongoing, and as we learn more about your customers likes and dislikes, we can adapt the site to meet their demands, helping to increase conversion rates, maximise sales, build brand loyalty and deliver a documented return on investment.

Search Engine Friendly & Optimised
The ultimate in accessible web design

There's a big difference between 'search engine optimisation' and 'search engine friendly'. What most accessible developers create are search engine friendly sites, not optimised sites. We do both and we do it well. A major factor in the performance of our websites is Dolphin - our custom Content Management System (CMS) and eCommerce platform, which was developed in-house by our very own team of web experts. This gives you the ability to react quickly to any trends, shifts in markets or significant changes in user viewing and buying patterns, ensuring you're always one step ahead of the competition.

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Website structure and hierarchy
One web design to rule them all

The internet may have revolutionised the way in which we consume information, but in doing so it has made it even harder to keep users' attention. 

This means it's now more important than ever to engage a visitor the moment they land on your website, and in order to do that, it is imperative that your website has a logical hierarchy of information. Hierarchy is simply a case of identifying the importance levels of content within each individual page, and then structuring it in such a way to help guide visitors through the site - facilitating conversion.

Conversion Rate
The art of turning sceptics into believers

When someone visits your site they're already interested in what you have to offer – the trick is convincing them they can't live without it.

In order to have any chance of doing this, it's essential that your website conveys trust. We can help with this through the design and layout of your website, but nothing inspires confidence more than tangible evidence. This means case studies, testimonials, vox pops, customer reviews or anything you have that proves you're as good as you say you are. If you don't have access to that kind of information – don't panic – we'll gladly collect it for you and then present it in the most compelling way possible.

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